Democratic Philanthropy in Action

SPF’s board determined it was critical to prioritize census and redistricting organizing in 2019 and 2020 grantmaking and trainings. In 2019, census grants and trainings focused on ensuring people who live in hard to count rural areas, mostly people of color, are counted. Reports indicate increasing the count in those hard to count areas by 5% will bring an additional $220 billion into SPF’s 12-state southeastern region. This could result in revolutionary change; dramatically altering the political and economic landscape for generations to come. 

SPF's Lead Initiative in 2020 – Census Organizing and Trainings

SPF’s 2019/2020 census grantmaking has targeted the integration of census work into the work organizations are already doing under the major initiatives SPF adopted in 2013 (below). SPF trainings and webinars assist organizations in learning HOW to integrate census work into the work they are doing in these three major initiatives.

SPF's Major Initiatives

In 2013, SPF’s board and members adopted its Southern Organizing Strategy, allocating 60% of its grantmaking to three major initiatives:

  • Voter rights and engagement
  • Immigration rights
  • Education reform

Voter Rights & Engagement

Voter Rights & Engagement

Registered over 300,000 voters and played a major role in fighting people of color voter suppression in GA, FL, NC, among others.

Education Reform

Education Reform

Increased public education budgets in local school districts by $15 million, financing new, improved programs for 30,000 students of color in low wealth communities.

Forced institutional changes in local school systems, eliminating race-based disciplinary practices around suspensions, expulsions, and other punishments in over 50 schools, impacting 40,000 students.

Immigration Rights

Immigration Rights

Assisted over 50,000 immigrants detained illegally by police, sheriffs, and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Enabled over 20,000 children of immigrants to access public education.