Democratic Philanthropy In Action

Our operating and grantmaking decisions are made by folks who have been impacted by injustice rather than by academics and outside experts. We believe we know more about the needs of our communities.

Overview: Hubert E. Sapp Regular Grants Cycle

SPF’s grantee partners are transforming their communities by building sustainable organizations aimed at reversing the inequities of the rural South. They are learning not to focus on the symptoms of inequities, but on the root cause; racist and anti immigrant mindsets of small-town mayors  and city council members. SPF’s grantees are tackling social and economic systems that for them have been rooted in persistent poverty and lack of resources, compounded by poorly performing schools.

We are proud to partner with extraordinary community organizations and coalitions through our regular grants cycle, assisting them to build capacity and power. We believe general operating support is best for building capacity, particularly for small to midsize community-based organizations in the rural South.

In 2013, SPF’s board adopted its Southern Organizing Strategy (SOS), allocating at least 60% of grant funds to three major initiatives:

In 2019, under the banner of “revolutionary change,” SPF’s board decided to integrate census and redistricting work into the ongoing major initiatives above as each was directly impacted by the Census and Redistricting process that laid ahead. Though there are still pending redistricting lawsuits in many of our southeastern states, for 2022, SPF is back to its original SOS strategy, with at least 60% of regular grant cycle funds going to Voter Rights & Engagement, Immigration Rights, and Education Reform.

The remaining 40% of grants continue to fund:

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