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Hubert E. Sapp Regular Grant Cycle Request for Proposal Release Date: May 15th, 2024

Hubert E. Sapp Regular Grant Cycle Proposal Submission Deadline: June 15th, 2024


Hubert Ellis Sapp, a transformative visionary and grassroots organizer, was instrumental in turning the concept of Southern Partners Fund, a democratically led foundation directed by grassroots leaders,  into a reality. To honor his legacy in the wake of his passing in February of 2021, we are honored to add his name to our Regular Grant Cycle,  which from here on, will be referred to as the Hubert E. Sapp Regular Grant Cycle. Today, SPF serves over 130 rural community groups in 12 of the southeastern United States.  

Applicants may request general support or project support. Applicants must have operating budgets of $350,000 or less to receive general support. Organizations with operating budgets over $350,000 can apply for project support only. 

Members of SPF’s grants committee will contact organizations being considered to schedule a site visit, required for new applicants, or phone interview. SPF’s grants committee, made up of SPF members, makes grants decisions during a September grants panel meeting, which are then ratified by the Board. Groups will be notified of grants decisions after October 1st, 2024. 

Grantees that have already received funding must have all outstanding final reports on the use of their grant, as described in their application, submitted for new requests to be considered.

If an organization has received five consecutive years of regular grant cycle funding, it must take a year off before making a new RGC grant request. Organizations unsure about grants status may contact SPF’s program department at To receive announcements regarding the regular grants cycle, groups are encouraged to subscribe to SPF emails at the bottom of the page or to contact the program department at and request to be added to their email database.

Discretionary Fund

Applicants must fall within SPF’s guidelines and have a focus on grassroots community organizing in the rural South, in one or more of SPF’s initiatives or program areas.  Existing grantees or organizations new to SPF may apply.

Discretionary fund resources are limited. Organizations may submit a maximum of two requests per year for a total reward of $3,500 per year.  

Discretionary funding areas: 

There is no application form. Requests must:

Applications are reviewed by SPF’s program officer and should be emailed to SPF’s Program Officer will review the application and can answer questions about the application process or supporting documents.

Justice Fund for Disaster Relief and Renewal

Climate change and environmental disasters increasing in number and intensity pose a clear and present threat to human rights and economic development in the rural South.

When Katrina and Rita devastated rural communities from Florida to Louisiana 15 years ago, SPF brought funders together to create a funding collaborative focused on aid and equitable redevelopment. SPF pointed out the hardest hit and slowest to recover communities, due to lesser developed infrastructure, are always communities with the lowest income, often of color. New Orleans’ ninth ward was a glaring example.  

SPF argued that the goal of relief must be to help these communities attain new standards of political and economic health and wholeness, rather than restoring their previous underserved and impoverished norms.  Like Katrina but on a global scale, the COVID-19 Pandemic has laid bare all of the pre-existing structural inequities that have leveled so many communities of color in the U.S.

Today, SPF’s Justice Fund for Disaster Relief and Renewal is showing rural communities how to use redevelopment opportunities to convert a disaster into a launchpad. COVID-19 has presented another of these opportunities and SPF is beyond fortunate to be able to continue providing disaster relief to groups that meet funding criteria.

Application process is similar to Discretionary Fund application process.

If you would like to apply for a JFDRR or COVID-19 related grant, please click below for application.